Fitness Fusion for children aged 3-5 years can benefit from this fun-filled program; Our number one goal is to make fitness fun! We want to inspire kids to lead a healthy, active life and hope that through early exposure to fitness at ALM Sports, our program will help children develop a love of fitness that translates into healthy choices as they grow


incorporating sporting activities, such as :





Plus activites / exercises:


Area of Focus

Dynamic warm up, different every session

Increases blood flow, improves reaction time via receptors, improves performance, may decrease injuries

Agility ladder team relays

Increases agility, strength, foot eye coordination, reaction time, balance, acceleration, team work

Drop stop pushup ball toss

Improves balance, hand eye coordination, catching ability, muscular torque, strength

Medicine ball shot put bowling

Increases power, coordination, core strength, muscular torque, acceleration, body awareness, balance, arm strength

Fitness flag tag

Increases acceleration, power, cardiovascular endurance, anaerobic endurance, agility, hand eye coordination, team work, horizontal leap

Obstacle course with, med. Balls, hurdles, jumping, crab walking etc.

Increases strength, endurance, multidirectional agility, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, acceleration, fortitude, balance, mental focus, body awareness, teamwork, foot eye coordination, vertical leap, horizontal leap

Static Stretching and Nutrition

Improves flexibility, healthy nutrition choices


JANUARY 2014 (info will be sent out shortly)
Every Saturday (for 10 weeks)


– Indoor Wall2Wall, 15310 NW 33rd Place, Miami Gardens 33054
(3 minutes south of 37th avenue from the Palmetto (826)

Indoor Facility / Rain or Shine



2 payments of $30
$60 for 10 weeks

You Can make payments on the first day
305 992 3799