Great News for your Local Business

As you know ALM Sports will be hosting a Once a month Youth Sports Festival in multiple Cities.
youth sports festival

PSN / Miami Lakes Area

When: Commencing Saturday October 6th, 10am-1pm (First Saturday of each month )

Where: PSN  – Norman & Jean Reach Park, 7901 nw 176th street, Hialeah Fl 33015

*More dates and Locations will be posted in the coming weeks


How the Youth Sports Festival Can Work for you:
– Our Events are rooted Locally which gives a community feel to all the attendees/ parents.
– We Anticipates over 200 local kids to attend each and every event + their Parents
– Parents can talk to you in person about your Services & Products and you can also do demonstrations and give discounts/ Prizes to the local parents which in turn will increase your profits in your business.
– ALM Sports are constantly advertising this event via Facebook, Instagram, & Email Marketing (which we will attach your business name/info to our marketing outputs)
– This will also be a great way for your business to give back to the community as they have helped your business grow.

Do you have a food Truck?

For only $100 per event date

Bring out your Food Truck and cultivate our attendees with your made to order cuisines.

be sure to fill out this Food Truck inquiry form for more info >>>

Are you an Activity / Entertainment Vendor?

For only $150 per event date  or $400 for 3 event dates (includes Flyer Distribution as Activity vendor);

Showcase your services (free of Charge or at a nominal fee)  to our local Children that are in attendance.

Example: MVP Gaming Truck (video gaming trailor) are charging only $3 for the day for the kids to play on rotation in hopes that many of the parents book the truck for their childs birthday).

This will be great for business which are, but not limited to: Karate / Martial Arts; Fun Inflatable companies; Laser Tag; Gaming Trucks; Magicians; Youth Sports Clubs and Organizations / Fitness; Birthday Party businesses etc

be sure to fill out this Activity / Entertainment inquiry form for more info >>>


Support our local youth by continuing to allow them to participate FREE OF CHARGE in our Youth Sports Events


Here is how ALM Sports will be the Catalyst to Boost your Sales $$$


1) ALM Sports Website / Social Networking

-In Each Event location Page: A logo will be placed with an external target link to your business website.
example: Youth Sports Event – PSN/Miami Lakes Location Page >>>
– Your logo will also appear in our Partners page with a backlink

– There will be an option for a logo flash on our Home Page
– For Social Networking; we will link and do video ads at the event for your business;  shout out your Facebook/ Instagram page and will blast post any info you have periodically.



2) Email Marketing
– ALM collects Opt-in attendees/ Parents Email address info which we use to remind them on the upcoming events and product/services that they be interested in. Your business name link will be attached to every email that is sent, which will be an external target link to your businesses website (Backlink).
Our email marketing solution can give you results on who opens the email, how many people click on your link to your page and more. 

“ALM Sports has over 20,000 email addresses /contacts in the south florida area”


SummerCoaches_sideA maildrop_doral (2) summer17_FINAL_MJ_Sunrise_Pines_A

3) Promotional Flyers (Color Printed)
– Our Info promotional flyers are typically 4×6 stock UV Cards given out to Every student at our promoting schools. Each Child will receive the flyer – each school averaging 400 students. We can make sure your logo is showcased on the flyer which will be seen by over 8,000 parents within a 5 mile radius
Please Note: Our Advertising Flyers will be distributed Every 3 months.



4) Saturday Rep Table
Set up your Table at the event day to showcase your Products & Services to ALL the Parents & Children that attend our events.
– ALM will bring the traffic to you.


Set 1 samples

5) T Shirt (Ad Print)
– ALM hopes to give FREE Tshirts to every Child that attends our Events;
Imagine Having your logo at the front of each sports Tshirt; the children will be an instant marketing tool showcasing your business as
kids always wear sports t-shirts as an everyday t-shirt or at play.

Here are the package rates:

Please note: 10% discount if you double the package.

Package #1
Package #2
Package #3
Package #4
Package #5
Website /Social Media


Your logo with backlink will be placed on the Event location page.
[all local marketing Ads are targeted for this Event location page]
*Will placed on the page for 2 months.

Same as #1 +
A Facebook / Instagram mention sent 10 days & 2 Days prior to the event and a thank you tag after the event
same as #2
same as #2 + an on location customized video for youtube with children wearing the Tshirt with your logo (which you can use for your marketing material)
same as #4 + an in store / at your location marketing video for your Company fully comprehensive Social Media Ready
Email Marketing No Yes
-Sent as the reminder: 15 days & 4 days prior to the event and a thank you email after the event
same as #2
same as #2
same as #2
will be sent out on our Other ALM Sports Programs info marketing.
Promotional Flyers / Info No No Yes
Your Company logo will be placed on the marketing Flyer (must be in line with distribution date for 1 cycle)
Your Company logo with tag line & mini contact info will be placed on the marketing Flyer as a Feature.
(must be in line with distribution date for 1 cycle)
Same as #4.
Will be shown on 2 cycles of Distributed Flyers
Saturday Rep Table.
($100 for each additional time you attend)
For 1 event
You can attend 2 Saturday events
You can attend 3 Saturday events
You can attend 4 Saturday events
You can attend 8 Saturday event
T-Shirt (Ad Print) NO NO NO Yes
100 t-shirts will be printed – Your logo will on the front of the Event Location T-Shirts
200 t-shirts will be printed – Your logo will on the front of the Event Location T-Shirts

To get started or to get more info be sure to fill out this form >>>

Help us to Decrease youth obesity and Increase Youth Sports Participation – We look forward to seeing you at the event