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7 Ways in Which you can keep your kids hydrated in Summer

7 Ways in Which you can keep your kids hydrated in Summer

Summer, in a child’s dictionary, calls for long hours of playing and no worries about going to school and completing assignments. However, many children tend to slack when it comes to staying hydrated all along summer. As parents, here are 7 ways you can ensure that your kids remain hydrated this summer.


  1. Feed hydrating fruits and veggies:

Foods like cucumber, celery, tomatoes, watermelon, radishes, all contain more than 95% water content. And citrus fruits, spinach broccoli, and strawberries contain more than 90%.

So, instead of forcing your child to drink more water through the day, which is actually a good habit to keep up, feed them these fruits and veggies so that the water content in their system is replenished accordingly.

  1. Ice popsicles:

There are plenty of YouTube videos dedicated to making ice popsicles and candies for your children to sip on while they are whiling their time away in summer. Ensure that you don’t add plenty of sugary additives since that may cause dental caries and cavities in the long run.

Use natural flavors and keep the sugar under control. The cool nature of the ice is sufficient by itself to impart a healthy and enjoyable taste to the popsicle.

  1. Keep them active:

Coloring, drawing, reading, and gaming are all wonderful recreational activities for your kids in summer. However, make sure that they set some time aside for playing games and physical activities as well.

The best way to ensure this is to allow them to learn a new sport like soccer or basketball at a sports institute. Places like ALM Sports aim to impart the right physical education to your kids so that they understand the benefits of sports and the huge role it plays in the development of their physical and mental health.

  1. Fruit flavored water:

Instead of adding artificial sweeteners, sugars, or chemical additives, just infuse water with fruits such as berries, lemon, limes, cucumber, and oranges. This will impart an immediate and refreshing flavor to the water leading to instant hydration.

This can double up as an excellent beverage for adults and kids alike in those hot summer afternoons. For better results, cool it or freeze into candies or popsicles that your kids can munch on while they are engrossed at their game.

  1. Make a water chart:

For your toddlers and young kids, and even high-schoolers, this option works the best. Just make a water chart depicting the times your kids must be having water. One cup every hour or so is enough to suffice their hydrating needs apart from food and other sources.

Make a water chart and put it up near the sink or on the fridge so that every time your kids step foot in the kitchen, they are reminded of their water intake. This will ensure that they continue hydrating themselves even when you're not around to remind them.

  1. Spending time outdoors:

When summer holidays set in, children’s first instinct is to get playing on their gaming consoles or smartphones instead of going out in the sun. in severe cases, this may lead to vitamin D deficiency and lack of physical activity.

In order to address this, have your kids enrolled in a sports institute like ALM Sports where they’ll be taught different games and exercises with plenty of playing time. Not only that, they will learn sportsmanship and the right gaming spirit, with a complete physical, mental, and social development.

  1. Drink water before meals:

While having meals, we tend to forget topping up the amount of water in our bodies which only leads to dehydration during the course of the summer months. Instead, make your kids have a glass of water right before their meal times so that their water intake is taken care of.

Also, drinking water before meals paves way for a healthy gut and good digestion which is quite crucial for children in their growing years.

Summing it up:

Sure, it isn’t a cakewalk to keep your kids hydrated during summer, but it isn’t rocket science either. All you need to do is ensure that your kids are eating well and getting enough exercise through sports and games. As long as you look after their eating habits and physical activities, there is little to no chance of them falling prey to dehydration in the long run.