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- Our Job Rate / Duration is based on Camper Count and Retention -

100% of the finances come from the parents;
if we don't have the numbers of campers we won't have the sufficient income needed to operate the camp.
If we do not retain and/or increase the numbers weekly our budget will be very low.

#1: Mandatory Requirements

Please Make sure the Following has been completed:
#1: Contract Signed (should have already signed)
#2: Complete the Online Training Refresher (link below)
#3: Level 2 fingerprints taken with results
#4: CPR and First Aid completed or in process

#2: Online Training Refresher

The Online Training course below is going through the Directors Manual/Handbook and being quizzed as you read.
The purpose of this mini online training course is for you to review the manual thoroughly and to understand the quality assurance of ALM Sports.

Click here for the Online Training Refresher>>>

Important: Once you have completed your Training Course

- Please email us at: almsportsteam@gmail.com (subject: Completed Online Training Course)

#3: Fingerprints & Background

#3: Level 2 fingerprints taken with results

All Staff must have a Level 2 Finger Prints / Background Check

If you are currently in the education/teaching field let us know your district/state so we can follow up to make sure it is on our records.
Please email this info to admin@almsports.com 

For FL Locations: Our OCA# in FL is: 11134724Z - Summer Camp
Go to any IDENTICO Fingerprinting & Screening Store in Florida

For GA Locations: Please text Mrs Ramos to arrange a call - so she can get the info from you to submit to DCF; Mrs Ramos 786 303 7995

More info for CT, NC and LA
You must go to the local Police Station and request/ do a Level 2 Background/ Fingerprints.
They will give you a card or letter of results / or special number/code.
Please send this to Mrs Ramos admin@almsports.com and follow up with her 786 303 7995 to make sure she receives it.

#4: CPR & First Aid Completed

#4: CPR and First Aid completed or in process

All Staff must have attended a CPR Course within the last 2 years.

If you currently hold a Valid CPR Training Certificate / Attended a CPR course within the last 2 years; Then you will not to Redo. Please email your certificate or proof of CPR to admin@almsports.com 

If you need to take a CPR Course;
you will need to cover the cost
- but before you go for a paying course; there are plenty of FREE CPR courses in your or surrounding cities.
in google type "Free CPR Courses or classes in [your city] or [nearest city]
Your Parks & Recs Department may know of these free courses as they are currently getting their staffing on the course.
or go to your city/town home page and type in CPR in their search - there are regular FREE city CPR Classes

alternatively here is a link for a paid course; but do your research:



Procare (Communication)

There are FOUR key features of the Procare App

  1. #1: Sign In/Out
    It serves as a Sign in / Sign out feature that is recorded and great for safety / up to the minute camp count / group count / gives parents peace of mind on know if another parent or authorized person has picked or dropped off their child.

    Everything is kept on the APP

  2. #2: Reporting
    It serves as Incident / Accident Report Form

    If a camper hurts themselves - you can take a picture straight away and forward to the parent // or if your Coaches are at the scene; the image with the report will be sent to you first.

  3. #3: Communication
    Ultimately, the Procare will be the best source of communication between yourself as director and the parents as a group or individually;

    you can send group pics / individual pics / announcement "parents we will be arriving back at camp at 5:10 due to traffic" etc


#4: Payments
Payments can now make registration payments via the App.

Procare Basic Training Vid

Sign in/ Sign out Training Vid

Procare Parent Communication

Procare - Incident Report / Bad Behavior

Parent Procare Billing

Directors Manual

Organizational Structure

Food Training

All Camp Directors / Sports Coordinator & Secretary must attend the Food Training by the State.
Dates for each location will be posted asap.


Safety is our #1 priority.
The camper's safety and well-being are our primary concern! Safety checks should be done on a daily basis, and include but not be limited to equipment, fields, courts, outlets, standing water, bad weather, unattended chemicals, strangers etc. Staff should be aware of their surroundings at all times and identify potential safety issues. When a safety issue is discovered it should be immediately reported to the ALM Regional Director.
Never allow the campers to play with on unsafe equipment or near unsafe conditions.

Attain A High Camper Count

1. Online Marketing (Owner Operator - 75% of Customers)
Facebook / Instagram Ads is the easiest way to attain campers but investment upfront is needed initially.

Word of Mouth & Recommendations go along way
Share / Post / Rate / start conversations on Facebook Friends / Groups

2. On Camp Location (Fun Center - Customer one on one)
You will get great potential sign ups if you have a mini table set up on camp location, with your clip board to get interested name + Numbers from parents; By communicating with them letting them know about Camp.
They know the location because they are currently there (Assurance of a good location)
A high Chance of them being local.
The Best time to be present will be Friday Evenings / Saturday & Sunday Afternoons.

3. Youth Recreational Teams
Communicate with the local (or even the next city/town over) Optimist / Recreational or Travel: Soccer / Basketball / Flag Football / Cheerleading / Dance Programs.
You want to communicate with the Program Director or President.

Objective is for them to market your program (via Flyers / email / sms blast with link and stating the partnership)
We can hire their Lead Coach as our Sports Coordinator in retun for them to bring all their players to camp.
Or we will give their Club/Program a Donation - they receive $10 for every child that signs up.
50 kids = $500 check // over 80 campers signed = $1000

example partnership with: Clayton Trojans (riverdale/jonesboro area)

4. Walmart / Publix / Krogers etc
Having a table approved and placed at Walmart will be the winning combination;
as our demographic of campers will be pouring in with their parents 100's every couple hours;
Especially States that we offer CAPS or Care4Kids - its a goldmine.

Other than that we need to be in communication with the Boys/Girls Scouts as they have authorization to ask for donations outside walmart;
if we can partner with them they could deliver our flyers to parents that comes out of the Walmart (we can have our flyer state in partnership with Boys & Girls Club and we can give them $200 donation

Worst Case we can put our flyers in every car;
But it must be in the Mirror.
Not on the windscreen (if it rains or too hot the flyer will stick - liability issues
5. School / PTA Liaison
The Ultimate Goal is to either have the opportunity to be in front of many parents (maybe at the beginning of a school event)
Let Alvin know as he can go to close the deal if given the opportunity.

If we can donate to the PTA or give them Value: Objective is to have our flyers in the teachers mailbox or fur us too attend a school event

Objective is to beable to give each school bus driver a bottle of cold water (as they are driving)
in return for them to make sure our flyers go into each hand of the student that leaves the us for home.

7. After School Program Cross Market
Just Like the Recreational Team Strategy; the main Objective is to first find out if the After Care Director is working in the Summer?
If Not we will offer a job opportunity which they can part/full time work our camp as a Director or Secretary.

The fortune is all the parents from that aftercare will follow and/or be much more comfortable that their child is in safe hands with someone they know all year round.

Worst Case - We can ask for the After Care Director to hand out our flyers to all the students.

8. FREE Open House
Through our Online marketing and phone calls - our hopes is that all interested parents will come to the FREE Open House - this will give us the opportunity to go through the program and let them know what we have to offer.
-Open House Script-

9. Flyers (if you don’t have let me know so I can print)
Flyers will be delivered everywhere: Schools / Libraries / Food Stores / Laudromats / Panera Bread Bulletin boards / Gas Stations Door to Door (Apartments/Townhomes are best)
{do not put in mailbox = illegal // you can put on tom of door mat / hung on the door knob}
10. Banner, Flags & Yard Signs
Have Banners, Yard Signs & Flags setup in unique / visible places for parents to see.
The Stop Sign by the Local School, Stop Signs near Publix, Walmarts.
Make sure you get permission for banners and Flags.
Yard signs are a hit & miss regarding lonjevity.
City Officials could take away.
Rule of thumb for yard signs: Put them down friday evening and pick them up sunday evening if placing in a high visible area as work officials will pick them up.
11. City Events
Be sure to research local city events and become a vendor to promote.

Retain A High Camper Count

ALM Sports programs invest heavily in their relationships with campers and their families. This starts from the moment the parent inquiries about any of the ALM Sports programs. Each family gets the personal attention they deserve. Getting to know campers and parents, addressing any concerns proactively, establishing big brother/big sister relationships—all of these helps to ensure that each child’s experience will be successful. This relationship continues throughout your child’s camp experience and even long after they graduate. Campers and their families remain deeply attached to ALM Sports due to this relationship and the vast amount of community programs provided. ALM Sports are embedded in the community throughout the camper’s childhood with low prices and high value.

Retaining Campers equals Team Consistency
- Making sure the Camp is Safe
- Stick to the Schedule (parents & Campers knows whats on the Agenda)
- Making Sure the Camp is FUN

Camp Presentation


Presentable: All Directors and staff must be Visible at all times and wear the Camp Shirt and tucked in; hair tied back, shorts and/or sports wear must be worn appropriately.

Presentational Table:  Be Sure to have the ALM Logo Cloth over the table visible for parents to see with the logo backdrop behind and the presentable/informational boards & Whiteboard clear for parents to read.
Presentable/Informational Boards Whiteboard: Showing: The Weekly Schedule | Food Schedule | Behavior Star Board | Weekly Camp Pics | Sports Table | etc This will be up to the minute info; changes to schedule must be shown; 'At the Park be back 3:00pm | Field Trip Money Due | Happy Birthday Leo | Congrats to Alvin for winning the Soccer Match | etc"

Wall Décor If you are at a school or church facility try being creative with the area (walls / corridors) with/ inspirational quotes | Sports Player | Famous person | Weekly Themes on the walls etc - this will bring life to the camp site and will show all the fun activities that is being conducted.

Clean Site Make Sure Site is swept and mopped at the 3:25pm break time period, and smelling good - All Areas of the Camp Site must be kept clean throughout the day; Especially during morning and Evening when parents are present.

Outside The Facility: Facility must look pleasing and known from the outside giving parents and camper a good feeling (first impressions count)

Typical Camp Schedules / Agenda

Off Site: Field Trips | Libraries | Park | Pool | Movies

Additional Fee
Please note: The only collection of Cash will be for Field Trips / Movies / Swimming.
Please keep money safe and hidden from plain site as this money goes directly to the field trip plus Transportation gas/ camp fund)
This will be posted on the whiteboard at the beginning of the week (and parents should be aware of the upcoming fees at least a week prior)
Please understand that these extra activities are optional and we will always have the Secretary on location with a leader or two depending upon the numbers.

We take the Pool Very Seriously.
Our Leaders must be organized; a few in the Water to immediately help and act as a border for campers not to go past.
Leaders outside the pool watching everything that is going on.
Each Pool should have a Lifeguard present but if they don't we need to act as -
A Camper going under water can be missed but we must make sure we catch EVERYTHING.
Rules must be given to the Campers prior t going into the water, misbehaved campers will lose this privilege of swimming; and we must monitor a cap of how many campers can go into the pool at one time.

Lets Utilize the Libraries as much as possible; Many have Summer Tech / Science Projects that we can jump on the back of.
Research the local Libraries and find out dates/ times / events - be sure to communicate with Parents if we decide to do.

Camper Behavior

Staff should always be firm yet fair when speaking to a child concerning undesirable behavior. Staff must be aware of their tone when speaking to a child. We are ALM Sports, not a boot camp! It is unacceptable to insult, ridicule, put down or call a child a name. Whenever speaking to a child keep your personal opinions to yourself, deal strictly with the facts of the current situation.
Staff must be consistent when disciplining campers.
All campers are to be treated equal; the rules should apply to all campers with the consequences the same for each child. Campers want and need consistency.
The only acceptable forms of discipline are speaking with the child and parent, putting a child in time-out, taking away a field trip/special activity, and/or giving out Disciplinary warnings (written notice to parent). Physical discipline of any kind will not be tolerated! Physical discipline includes, but is not limited to: making the child run, hold his/her arms or legs in the air, standing during time-out, pushing, hitting, kicking, or grabbing.
Time outs should be one minute for each year of the child's age. For example, an eight year old child should be in time out for eight minutes. If a child is left in the time out for an extended period of time it defeats the purpose of a time out.
Time out works if used properly.


3 STRIKE RULE for Campers

#1: VERBAL warning to Child & Parent:
Verbally communicate with the parent regarding the situation and remind both parent and child of our ALM Rules & Regulations which is vital for us to maintain our quality assurance

#2: WRITTEN warning letter to Parent:
Please attach both the 1st and the 2nd incident report form with a letter stating the campers second warning and the Camp is now concerned of the safety for the child other campers, staff and program.

fill out the 3rd incident form and call the parent straight away for them to come and collect their child - and let them know unfortunately we can longer have the child at camp anymore. No Refunds

2 STRIKE RULE for Coaches/ CIT’s

#1 - Verbal:
Camp Director will let the Coach / Volunteer know verbally

#2 - Letter with Dismissal:
The letter can be given to the coach/volunteer and let them know they can no longer be part of the camp.

*Please let ALM HR know once a coach/CIT is nearing their second warning

Van / Bus Rules

Bus & Van Procedures: Using the “Rule of Eight,” a staff should be standing at the front door of the bus/van counting the campers as they enter the vehicle. A staff should be on bus helping seat the campers as they enter the bus. Once the campers are seated all staff on the bus/van must to a head count. All staff must have the same count before the vehicle leaves the site. ALL campers riding on a van must wear a seat belt at all times. Staff must be seated at each of the emergency exists. Emergency exist on the bus are located in the rear, middle, and front of the bus. Campers should be seated at all times. Staff should never sleep, put on headphones, or play video games while on the vehicle. Campers under age of 13 should never ride in the front passenger seat of the van where the airbag is located. A staff should be the first person to exit the vehicle and help count the campers while unloading them safely. A staff should be the last person to exit the vehicle checking for any campers and or personal items left on the vehicle.

Rule of Eight:
1. Complete the Field Trip/ Special Activity Participation Form.

2. Count each youth at the facility when you line them up to wait for the vehicles.

3. Count each youth as they board the vehicle.

4. Do a head count before the vehicle leaves for the field trip/special activity. A counselor should be the last person to exit the vehicle checking for any campers and/or personal items left on the vehicle.

5. Count each youth when you line them up to re-board the vehicle for the return trip.

6. Verify all youth are present and accounted for with the Field Trip/Special Activity Participation Form.

7. Count each youth as they board the vehicle.

8. Do a final head count before the vehicle leaves for the return trip. A counselor should be the last person to exit the vehicle checking for any campers and/or personal items left on the vehicle.

ALM Sports owns and operates multiple - passenger vehicles and work with local accredited school bus companies.
Please keep all ALM Sports vehicles cleaned on a weekly basis and check the vehicles vital signs as often as possible. Without those vehicles we cannot work. Smelly and Messy vans will attract insects / lice; which could infect our campers and spread. The most experience (in age/driving passenger vans) coach will be the minimum requirements to drive the ALM 15 passenger vehicles. *Standards For the Yellow Bus; Only experienced CDL drivers may transport campers with Valid license and experienced drivers of over 5 years.

- At no time is a private vehicle (car) to be used to transport campers or volunteers unless indicated and verified by the Camp Director -The bus driver will assume responsibility for the safe passage of all passengers on the bus. -If an ALM staff is assigned to monitor campers who ride the bus, this individual will work under the direction of the bus driver to maintain order. -The Bus Safety Rules will be enforced to maintain safety for all bus riders.

Bus Safety Rules (whilst on the bus/van ) The following Bus Safety Rules are intended to keep campers safe as they ride: -Campers and staff will respect and listen to the bus driver, and get on and off the bus in an orderly fashion. -Staff are responsible for their own conduct and that of the campers while on the bus and maintain a reasonable noise level so no distraction to the driver (no yelling /screaming). -Campers must remain seated while the bus is in motion, hands & feet must stay inside

-Seat belts must be used in the 15 passenger vehicles
-Campers are not allowed to sit on laps, & no more than 3 children are to be seated on 1 seat.
-Shoes must be worn on the bus.
-Staff and campers may not put their feet on the seats or on the seats in front of them.
-Staff and campers may not eat or drink on the bus.
-The aisle must remain clear at all times.
-Objects may not be thrown out of the windows or inside of the bus.
-Campers and staff are not to leave litter on the bus.

If the vehicle is involved in an accident staff should help the campers remain calm and seated until emergency vehicles arrive. Campers should not be removed from the vehicle unless they are in immediate danger and there is a safe place within a reasonable distance.


Sports Training | Competitions | Performances

Managed by the Sports Coordinator
As we are ALM 'SPORTS' - we will be putting more emphasis on this component.
At most Locations we will be going to the Park / Outside twice a day to learn / practice the different sports in preparation for competition.
These will be Sport Specific Training; Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading, Dance, Tennis, Volleyball & more.
The Goal is to have a Weekly Tournament (every Thursday), whereby the nearest locations will form the tournament bracket and they will compete in all the above or selected sports for the week.

The winning Camp will have the ALM CAMP TROPHY  showcased on their camp table for parents to see with a photo.
please note: the winning team is determined by the camp that has a better average overall on all sports - not just one sport.
3 points for a Win / 2 points for a Tie / 1 point for a Loss.

Example: (4 location tourney)
Competition Sport includes: Soccer, Basketball and Flag Football.
Camp Lithonia: - wins 2 /lose 1 soccer game || ties 3 basketball games || wins 3 Flag football = Total Points 22 points
Camp Covington: wins 3 soccer games || ties 2 / lose 1 basketball games || lose 3 Flag football = Total Points 17 points
Camp Lawrenceville: ties 1 /lose 2 soccer game || ties 2 / wins 1 basketball games || wins 2 / lose 1 Flag football = Total Points 16 points
Camp Decatur: wins 1 / 1 tie/ /lose 1 soccer game || lose 2/ win 1 basketball games || wins 1 / ties 2 Flag football = Total Points 20 points

CAMP Lithonia in this example will win the weeks competition as their average is better
(even though they did not win a basketball game)

** We can add Cheerleading - an extra 4 points to the best team - which in the above example;
if Decaturs Cheer team was the best (4 points)
Covington came second (3 points)
Lawrenceville came Third (2 point)
Lithonia fourth place (1 point)
In the above example: Decatur would have won with a total 25 points ****

You can add Volleyball, kickball, baseball - but this must e discussed at the beginning of the week with all the camp coordinators so they can prepare to train the players.

The Best Sportsmanship Camp gets additional 2 points.

Parent Interactions

Parental Interactions maintaining good customer relations:
-Greeting parent visitors with courtesy and enthusiasm.
-Pointing out written materials, fliers, weekly schedules and bulletin board displays that give further information and evidence of a good program.
-Answering questions correctly and/or refers the person to someone who can give correct answers
-When appropriate, suggest to parents that they pass the word along to other potential friends & family

Parent Complaints
Complaints will be taken seriously. They act as warning signals that something is wrong or missing.
If complaints are given prompt and careful attention, we can often improve its services as well as its customer
relations. If a parent complains about the program, ALM Sports usually follows these guidelines:

Good “customer relation/ retention” techniques are:
-Remain calm and courteous, regardless of the customer’s demeanor
-Actively listen
-Address the person by name.
-Acknowledge that you hear what the person is saying
-Ask questions to demonstrate a sincere desire to better understand the issue
-Apologize for the inconvenience
-Thank the person for bringing the problem to your attention.
-Allow an upset parent person to explain his/her anger and calm down before you respond to the complaint
-Avoid becoming defensive.

If insulting language is used, or if the situation becomes a personal confrontation,
simply walk away from the person.
To trade insults will only make a bad situation worse.
-If the complaint concerns something within your control, take action immediately. If not, refer the person to
your Regional Camp Director.
Do not make promises you cannot keep, and inform your supervisor of the situation as soon as possible.
-Complete an incident report when appropriate.

ALM Sports prides itself in having good customer relations. it is vital that we treat people with courtesy, helpfulness and understanding so as to maintain the highest level of customer service.


Quality Assurance Promise from A.L.M Sports LLC to adhere to its Mission:
- Health & Safety
- Communication
- Stable, Trained Staffing
- The chance for the local community youth to develop sportsmanship, fun and development skills through exciting, fun and challenging interactions, games, mentoring, activities and competition
-A coaching philosophy based on safety, fun and progression
- Nurturing the youth to become well brought-up citizens
- A learning environment in which campers can study and receive help academically
- Frequent program assessment - Sports Competitions throughout the Summer

Evaluation Methods.
ALM HR & Directors will
-Questionnaires / Surveys / Checklists:
conduct spontaneous info gathering from Staff, campers and parents to compare and analyze with all the data

-Interviews: conduct interviews with the campers to find out their feelings towards the camp
-Observations: observe the specific details within the program to make sure it are adhering to the quality assurance.
-Customer Feedback: Obtaining customer feedback helps us reach its goal of continuous improvement. Conveying a responsive attitude is an important part of helping customers feel satisfied with the service they are receiving.
-Communication with the ALM Regional Director / Director of Operations will be constant.

Advertising Material

Let me know if you need more

2022 - Current Flyers to Distribute on Social Media

Please check and make sure its your particular location - Save the image to your computer/phone and start sending via email to people you know / post on facebook & Instagram - tag back the @almsports - so we can drive traffic

Social Media - facebook group postings

All Directors will have access to post on the
ALM Sports IG Page.
Please post at least 3 times a week.
with #, title, Info on the pic.

Once posted on Instagram you should have an option to automatically post on our Facebook page.
If not, you will have access to do so via facebook.


[FUNZ TRAMPOLINE] are Excited to announce our New Summer Camp Partners:
ALM Sports | Education | STEAM Summer Camps.
Hosted at our Great Facility: [Funz Trampoline - Hamden, CT]
C-19 Safety Procedures Adhered.
[When School is out Camp is in] | 7:30am-6:00pm (half day options)
10 weeks |5-14 years old |[Breakfast & Lunch Included] | [Morning Transportation Pick up (Optional)]
[We Accept Care4Kids (CT) // CAPS (GA)].
Pay Only for the Week you Attend | As low as [$130 per Week] (sibling Discount)
"Join us - Where Kids Can be Kids again"
Click Link below for more info & to Register (limited Spaces)

pictures you can add:

below is the info all your Leaders will see on their Leaders Access Portal


About being on the Leadership program

Counselor / Leaders Manual

Click below for the Counselor / Leaders Manual

Online Training

The Online Training course below is going through the Coaches Manual/Handbook and being quizzed as you read.
The purpose of this mini online training course is for you to review the manual thoroughly and to understand the quality assurance of ALM Sports.

Click here for the Online Training Course>>>

Important: Once you have completed your Training Course

- Please email us at: almsportsteam@gmail.com (subject: Completed Online Training Course)


Please understand first and foremost this a leadership program - developing your leadership qualities in a work environment.
ALM Sports will cover Gas & Food Expenses which will range anywhere from $25 - $100 a week.
this will depend on the amount of Days / Hours you work and the distance from the camp location you need to travel.
Be sure to Communicate with your Camp Director so you know your Compensation.

All Financial information will be through your Director


Once you have Completed your Online Training -
Please download the Groupme App
This App is used for our day to day Communications / send images / documents etc
between coaches / directors and Management - just so we are all on the same page


For immediate Communication
Please communicate with your Director / Sports Coordinator or Secretary.
Alternatively you can contact your Owner Operator

If you feel you must talk to someone from ALM Sports Corporate:
Please Communicate with:
Altagracia Ramos
ALM Compliance Director
786 303 7995 (Cell)