Miramar, FL
St. Bartholomew Catholic Church

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Camp Location

  • 8005 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, FL 33025

Camp Details

  • Monday – Friday

  • 10 weeks of camp

  • 5 – 14 year olds

  • Full day: 7:30am-6:00pm

  • Half Days: 7:30am – 12:30pm

    OR 12:00pm – 6:00pm

    • WK 1: Mon June 8 - Fri June 12

    • Wk 2: Mon June 15 - Fri June 19

    • WK 3: Mon June 22 - Thu July 26

    • WK 4: Mon June 29 - Fri July 3

    • WK 5: Mon July 6 – Fri July 10

    • WK 6: Mon July 13 – Fri July 17

    • WK 7: Mon July 20 – Fri July 24

    • WK 8: Mon July 27 – Fri July 31

    • WK 9: Mon Aug 3 - Fri Aug 7

    • WK 10: Mon Aug 10 – Fri Aug 14


  • Free Breakfast & Lunch
      • Camp T-Shirt / Water Bottle / Draw String Bag

      • Sports Training: Soccer | Basketball | Flag Football | Cheerleading | Dance | + more

      • Sporting Competitions against our other Camps (based on local competition)

      • Snacks (inc Pizza, chips, drinks, popcorn) will be on sale from 2pm onwards

      • Swimming Every Week (depending upon location / distance to local pool)

      • Weekly Field Trips (additional cost – optional)

      • Weekly Themes will be but not limited to: Super Hero Week dressed up as a superhero on a day) | Fiesta | Disney | Adult look a like | Fav Toy day | etc.

We are Fully in Compliance with DCF

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We have Partnered with Brightwheel App for over 3 years




confirmed Field Trip Schedule will be posted asap (will be posted a little later now due to late final confirmations - covid19)

confirmed Food Menu will be posted a month prior to camp (but will be similar if not the same as above)







  • Great Fun Location - St. Bartholomew Catholic Church

    Learn / Play Sports Daily

  • Fun Activities

  • Weekly Science Projects

  • Weekly Art Canvas Drawings

  • Swimming Once or Twice a week

  • Movies Weekly

  • Field Trips Weekly

  • Makes New Friends


Full Access to Brightwheel App for secure sign in/out.

see daily/ bi-weekly pictures of the camp.

Instant Communication with the Camp Director Anytime.

Fully in Compliance with the State of Florida (Insured & Vetted)

Children are Safe (One way in/out of the facility that is always secured)

Children are Fed (additional food is also sold on location)

Children are receiving all the components (Academic, STEM & Sports)

You Only Pay for the Week you Attend

$10 Sibling Discount

You can Pay for One Week, Multiple Weeks, Half Day Weeks and/or Daily

All Payments are Secured Online

Swimming, Movies & Field Trips are Optional

As a member you gain extra points for referring friends to receive huge discounts

You also gain member points for registering for camp

Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Do you need the Parent's Handbook?

    A1: Yes please Click Here
  • Q2:What are the age groups?
    A2:We welcome children from ages 5-14

  • Q3:What is the ratio for staff to campers?
    A3:We have a ratio of 1 staff member for every 15 campers. When we have groups of younger children the ratio is reduced to 1 staff member to 10 campers.

    • Q4:How old are the directors and coaches? Are the 15 year old teens? I want my child with an adult.

  • A4:Our directors are experienced educators who must be at least 21 years old. Our coaches ages range from 16 to 21 years old. We also have counselors in training who are 15 years and older. Please keep in mind that we will always have at least one of our directors or assistant directors supervising the children at all times to ensure their saftey and fun.
  • Q5:How do you guys hire coaches and directors? Do they have experience? Do they have degrees?
    A5:We strive to hire the best personnel for all of our positions. For our directors and assistant directors we choose the candidates that have experience teaching at the elementary and middle school levels, who may also be afterschool directors and/or youth sports coaches and directors. All of our directors have degrees in education.
  • Q6: My child is autistic are they able to attend camp?
    A6: We welcome all children. Please discuss with camp director prior to signing up. Thus way we can make sure that safety and attention is given to your child.
  • Q7: My child is 4 years old and is already potty trained, can he/she attend camp?
  • A7:We understand that there are very independent young children who may be ready to attend our program. However, our program is overseen by the Department of Children and Families and is only geared to children ages 5-14 years of age. Once your child turns 5 we will be happy to have them join us.
  • Q8: I have a concern or grievance and wish to speak with someone from the administration, who do I contact? 
  • A8:Please email us your concerns at admin@almsports.com or jessika@almsports.com and we will be happy to assist you in finding a solution.

  • Q1: Are the kids doing educational components everyday? What is in the educational components?
  • A1: Yes every day after lunchtime the kids are given packets of educational components that focus on math, science, reading and writing. We reinforce the knowledge that the children received during the previous year in school so to help them remember. Our Directors do a review lesson on the board and the they do the educational packet's activities with assistance from the counselors, couches and Directors.
  • Q2: Do I have to pay for the educational component? 
  • A2: One educational component is included for every child within the registration fee. If you would like to have an additional one for your child to study at home, you can purchase an additional one via our "Products" page.
  • Q3: What days do they do science projects?
  • A3: Every Wednesday in the afternoon. This may vary by location, so please confirm with your camp Director.
  • Q4: Does my child have to take the educational component home and bring to camp every day? 
  • A4: Educational components are to be labeled with the child's name on the first week of camp, we have a designated location where the booklets are left and the kids will use them every day. You do not need to take it home and bring back every day.

  • Q1: Will they play outside? how long per day?
    A1:For camps based on schools and churches, campers have 2 hours of outside play in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. For camps based on indoor playgrounds, we go to the local park 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Outside play is subject to changes in the weather, when the weather is not favorable we organize active play inside the facilities.
  • Q2: Do they do a different sport everyday? Is it a different sport everyday or every week?
  • A2: The kids have a choice of two sports a week and the rotation changes the upcoming week. Every Thursday they compete with other locations in their county.
  • Q3: Can I see my child play the sport?
  • A3: Absolutely, Competitions are every Thursday from 2:00-4:00pm. Please keep in mind that days and times vary by location and are subject to availability and weather.


  • Q1: Are all kids together in one room?
  • A1: While all our children are inside the same building/room we organize them in groups by grade level and age so that can share with their friends.

    Q2: Are they jumping all day?
  • A2: No. They have a typical daily agenda that's posted for every location which you can find on this page. Please look at your particular location for the board where all daily/weekly activities particular for your camp will be posted.
  • Q3: Do you have early drop off or late pick up? 
  • A3:Our camp is conveniently open from 7:30am to 6:00pm. You can drop off your child anytime starting at 7:30am and we ask that you pick up your child no lather than 6:00pm.
  • Q4: Do you have any late pickup fees? 
  • A14:We understand that accidents may happen and traffic issues may delay your arrival for pickup. We offer a 10min grace period (6:10pm). After the first time you have arrived late to pick up your child we do charge $10 for every 10min that your child remains at camp. If after 30-60min you have not picked up your child we are required by Law to contact the Police Department.

  • Q5: Can we visit camp before signing up?
  • A5: Of course, our Open House Days are designed for you to meet our staff, tour the location and ask the questions you may have. Did we mention that your kids can jump for free during this time? Please see dates below this section or at the top of the page.

  • Q5: When are field trips? Can parents chaperone?
    A5:We have field trips scheduled once per week, usually on Fridays or Thursdays. Parents are welcomed to be chaperones during field trips but we kindly ask that you go to the field trip location in your own transportation and that you only accompany your child. If you would like to be a volunteer during field trips and interact with all of our campers you must go through a Level 2 background screening and be cleared. Once cleared we will notify who will be chaperone for which field trip.
  • Q6:What time do they go on field trips?
  • A6: It is usually around 10:00 am but every field trip is different and depending on facility availability. We advice that you confirm with Directors every Monday as field trips are every Friday or Thursday and swimming is every Wednesday (varies per location).
  • Q7: What happens if my child is sick and cannot go to the field trip but I already paid for it? 
  • A7: We understand emergencies happen, so we will either refund the money for the field trip or if you choose we can leave it as a credit for the next week's fieldtrip.
  • Q8: What does the fieldtrip cost cover? 
  • A8: We do a total of the cost of transportation and entrance to the facility the fieldtrip will be scheduled and that is what you pay. In some cases, the fieldtrip may include a snack or ice cream. Please keep in mind that all proceeds for fieldtrips go to the fieldtrip locations and ALM Sports does not receive any proceeds from it.
  • Q9:What happens if I don’t want to send my child to the fieldtrips? 
  • A9:We understand that not all fieldtrips are suitable for all children and that is why we offer them as an option.We also understand that you still need to take your kids to camp on a weekday, so If there is a considerable number of children not attending the fieldtrip a counselor will be left at camp and we will continue our typical agenda while the rest of the children are in their fieldtrip. Please double check with your director for arrangements.


Why do you charge field trip / swimming. Separately?
Our goal is to get the best price to you; with that being said - many parents do not want their child going swimming or certain field trips - our motto is if you don’t want it, you don’t pay for it.
We will always have a Counselor back at Location for those that do t want to go.

  • Q1: What kind of transportation do you offer? 
  • A1: We have reliable transportation such as 15 passenger vans that are fully equipped. Some of our locations also have yellow buses that may be owned or hired. We use thee means of transportation to go to the local parks, pool, movies and field trips.
  • Q2: Do you provide pick-up services? 
  • A2: We are working hard to provide this service in certain areas where we offer our camps and will have an announcement on routes and availability once we are coming closer to summer.

  • Q1: How do I register to Brightwheel? 
  • A1: Once you have registered for our camp please allow 2-3 business days for our databases to be updated and you will receive a email/text invitation with a codefor each one of your children to join Brightwheel. When signing up, please make sure you use the same phone number/email you provided in your child's registration.
  • Q2: Does Brightwheel let me see exactly every single thing my child does? What is the purpose of it?
  • A2: Brightwheel is mainly used for parent-director communication and for attendance tracking. Ocasionally throughout thed ay Directors will post pictures of general activities the groups do. If you would like specific pictures or notification on your child please feel free to request and our directors will be more than happy to do this for you.  
  • Q3: Can I pay using the Brightwheel app?
  • A3: While Brighwtheel has a payments feature, we have not enabled it and all payments made through it wont reach our business account. Please go to QuickPay at the bottom of this page to pay for your weekly fees.


  • Q4: Who do I contact if I have issues or need more assistance with Brightwheel?
  • A4: Please send an email to jessika@almsports.com including your child's first and last name, your child's camp location, and a description of the issue you are having. Most issues are resolved within the same day, however please allow 1-2 business days to resolve the issue.
  • Q1:What days can I pay for the week my child is attending camp?
    A1: We kindly ask for your payment to be done in advance the week prior to the week your child will attend camp so that we can prepare our rosters. If you are unable, please make your online payment no later than the Monday of the week your child is attending at drop-off.

    Q2: Can I pay in cash?
  • A2: This year ALM is going cashless, you can pay online using your debit/credit card or using your PayPal account. If you do not have neither of these and you must pay cash we kindly ask that you purchase a MoneyOrder. Personal Checks are not accepted.
  • Q3:Do I have to pay for a week my child is not attending?
  • A3:Of course not, in ALM we give you the flexibility to only pay for the weeks that your child attends. We understand that you make plans for summer and may be going on a trip. We won’t charge you for the week you don’t use our program and will be waiting for your return to continue the fun.
  • Q4:Do you have any late pickup fees?
  • A4:We understand that accidents may happen and traffic issues may delay your arrival for pickup. We offer a 10min grace period (6:10pm). After the first time you have arrived late to pick up your child we do charge $10 for every 10min that your child remains at camp. If after 30-60min you have not picked up your child we are required by Law to contact the Police Department.

  • FOOD
  • Q1:Are breakfast and lunch included in the weekly fee?
  • A1:Yes, we provide nutritious cold breakfast and cold AND/OR hot lunches all 5 days of the week.
  • Q2:When do they eat?
    A2:Breakfast is served from 8:15am-9:30am and Lunch is served from 11:30am-12:45pm. We strive to maintain the same mealtime schedule as the schools.
  • Q3: Can they eat snack throughout the day?
    A3: Yes at any point that they get hungry they are allowed to eat their snacks.

  • Q4:My child is vegan/ vegetarian do you all serve vegan and vegetarian food?
    A4: Our food vendors prepare a variety of meals that resemble the school lunch menu. We do have alternatives such as fruits and vegetables that come with our meals. However, we do recommend that if it makes you feel more comfortable you send your food of choice for your child and he/she will be able to enjoy it during lunch time with their friends.
  • Q5:What should I pack for my child?
    A5:Always send a water bottle for hydration, snacks or money for snacks, sunscreen and extra set of clothing in case its needed.

Q6: Can I send food from home?
A6: Yes, you can definitely send food from home, however we kindly ask that you abstain from sending peanuts and seafood as these are dangerous allergens.



  • Here are the new Adjustments ALM Sports will need to be made to make sure our Campers & Staff are Safe whilst fighting through this pandemic:
    - We will keep to the States Minimum of Campers in one space.
    • - All campers and ALM staff will be checked prior to entering the program for any observable illness, including cough or respiratory distress, and to confirm temperature below one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
    • - Enhanced cleaning and disinfection practices shall be implemented.
      - Swimming MAY happen later in the Summer.
    • - All staff and campers will adhere to regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as follows:

    o Before coming in contact with any camper
    o Before and after eating
    o After sneezing, coughing or nose blowing
    o After using the restroom
    o Before handling food
    o After touching or cleaning surfaces that may be contaminated
    o After using any shared equipment like toys, computer keyboards, mouse

    If soap and water are not available, an alcohol based sanitizer shall be used.
    Directors will always supervise use of alcohol-based sanitizers.
    Likewise, all hand washing activities must be supervised by Directors to verify that campers are properly washing their hands for 20 seconds.

    • All staff will cover coughs and sneezes with tissue or the corner of the elbow.
      All staff will also encourage children, when appropriate, to cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or the corner of the elbow.
      All soiled tissues must be dispensed immediately after each use.

    Thank you for your Continued Understanding and Support.


(ends May 20th - full payment needs to be made)
ONLY $85 per week + one time $50 reg fee