About being on the Leadership program

Counselor / Leaders Manual

Online Training

The Online Training course below is going through the Coaches Manual/Handbook and being quizzed as you read.The purpose of this mini online training course is for you to review the manual thoroughly and to understand the quality assurance of ALM Sports.

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Important: Once you have completed your Training Course

- Please email us at: almsportsteam@gmail.com (subject: Completed Online Training Course)


Please understand first and foremost this a leadership program - developing your leadership qualities in a work environment.
ALM Sports will cover Gas & Food Expenses which will range anywhere from $25 - $100 a week.
this will depend on the amount of Days / Hours you work and the distance from the camp location you need to travel.
Be sure to Communicate with your Camp Director so you know your Compensation.

All Financial information will be through Mrs Ramos (Compliance Officer)

Compensation Delivery Time: ALM Sports will be Compensating every 3 weeks completed of Camp.

Compensation Methods: ALM Sports will be paying Coaches Via Paypal
This way you will get your money Directly to your paypal account without any delay.
Once Payment is sent from ALM Sports to your Paypal account, you are able to send it the money directly to your Bank account. Please note: Paypal charges 1% to get your money instantly or 2-3 working days to get it free.
example: if you received $300 and you needed the money immediately from paypal; paypal will take $3.
Please signup for a free paypal account now (and get the app on your phone) so there are no delays. https://www.paypal.com/us/home
Please note: ALM Sports does not pay via Cash.
If you wish to receive a check; We can send it to you via Priority Mail - but the Postage/handling fee will come out of your Pay.

Referral Income


Once you have Completed your Online Training -
Please download the Groupme App
This App is used for our day to day Communications / send images / documents etc
between coaches / directors and Management - just so we are all on the same page


For immediate Communication
Please communicate with your Director / Sports Coordinator or Secretary.
Alternatively you can contact your Regional Director - Please see the Regional Directors Listed Below:

Eddie Lewis - 781-691-1603

Adiana Rolando - 754 207 6075

North Carolina

North Atlanta: Valisa Poole - 678 939 8325
North Atlanta: Leslie Smart - 225 205 7061
South Atlanta: Tabitha Israel - 470 778 1421
Middle Georgia & Savannah: Jacquez Nails - 478 319 2735

Lake Worth /Coral Springs / Margate / Sunrise: Brett Backus - 863 414 5051
Pembroke Pines / Miramar & Miami Dade County: Troy Murray - 305 322 1040

If you feel you must talk to someone from ALM Sports Corporate:
Please Communicate with:
Altagracia Ramos
ALM Compliance Director
786 303 7995