There is a lot of hype and buzz created around STEM education and its multiple benefits. Academic professionals are of the opinion that STEM education must be imparted to kids as early as possible I their childhood to encourage a proper and productive learning process. But what is that makes STEM so valuable and in-demand? […]

Summer, in a child’s dictionary, calls for long hours of playing and no worries about going to school and completing assignments. However, many children tend to slack when it comes to staying hydrated all along summer. As parents, here are 7 ways you can ensure that your kids remain hydrated this summer. Feed hydrating fruits […]

If you exercise at home with your kids watching then there would definitely come a day when they would ask that they join you as you exercise. Your kids definitely cannot complete the entire workout that you do but there are some simple or basic exercises that you can do with your kids. Here are […]

Being a parent comes with lots of joy and happiness as well as lots of challenges. Sometimes it could be really difficult to strike a balance between being a parent to your kids, work, and home life. Having a home is not just about your personal life and children, its also about caring for your […]

As far as the current scenario is concerned, today’s youth is a little less inclined towards the idea of fitness and exercising in general. You will find people going to the gym, eating healthy, and consuming protein powder smoothies in an effort to bulk up their muscles, but that’s just a handful of them. The […]