Being a parent comes with lots of joy and happiness as well as lots of challenges. Sometimes it could be really difficult to strike a balance between being a parent to your kids, work, and home life. Having a home is not just about your personal life and children, its also about caring for your […]

The summer would be here before you know it, and you can bet that your kids and teens would love to relish that special summer camp treat again. However, a lot seems to be changing about summer camps these days, and there’s the need to find the camping option with the most pleasant activity and […]

While most parents sign their kids up for athletic activities because they want their children to be active, there is also another reason to play sports. Scientific research has proven that athletic activities actually enhance a child’s brain activity. Exercise is known to have a long-lasting impact on a child’s brain while it is still […]

11/14/15, Miami Gardens A great game from the students at Somerset Academy – Chapel Trail EverySaturday Morning at the Indoor Wall2Wall Location in Miami Gardens. Somerset Academy – Chapel Trail, is one of many schools that are partners with ALM Sports; Offering Soccer, Cheerleading, Basketball and Flag Football For all ages for more info visit […]